Termite Treatment Central Coast - Have you just found termites eating a door frame or skirting board inside your home? Or have you found suspicious looking timber outside? Don’t panic! If you have just discovered termites, waiting a few hours for a professional to come out will not make a difference to the amount of damage they cause.

If you think you need termite treatment Central Coast

It is very important that you follow the steps below:


Do not spray them

Spraying the termites yourself with a household insect spray will only kill a few termites that come in direct contact with the spray. It will kill some, but will cause the rest to flee – making identification and professional treatment and eradication much more difficult.


Contact PestGuard Termite & Pest Control

Contact us straight away. We will have one of our professional pest technicians to your house as soon as possible to provide expert advice and a free quote. We are very serious about protecting your home and we always recommend the best treatment options based on the house construction and the environment.

Book an inspection and eradication treatment

An experienced termite technician from PestGuard Termite & Pest Control will carry out a termite inspection to all areas of your home and surrounds so all active (live) termites can be identified. Unfortunately, it is very common to have several areas of termite activity (sometimes on completely opposite sides of the house). So completing the inspection means you can be sure that all of the termites are being detected. Following the inspection the technician will then complete the eradication treatment. Please note that whilst this eradication treatment will kill all of the live termites, it is not a preventative treatment, meaning there is nothing to stop the termites returning to the same area or other areas in the future. This is why step four is essential…

Book a complete termite management system

Installing a complete termite management system is the final step in protecting your home. Termite management systems provide long lasting termite protection (5-10 years protection).

At PestGuard Termite & Pest Control we are able to offer several different treatment methods and products to protect your home. These include:

Chemical termite barriers

Chemical termite barriers

A chemical termite barrier involves applying a liquid chemical to the soil, either in the sub-floor, under concrete flooring and/or around the entire perimeter of the building. We use industry leading chemicals such as Altriset and Termidor.
Termite monitoring

Monitoring & baiting systems

Termite monitoring involves the use of unobtrusive termite bait stations, which are placed around the perimeter of your property to detect termite activity. PestGuard Termite & Pest Control will routinely monitor these stations for termite activity. If live termites are detected a termite bait is then introduced.
Physical termite barriers

Physical termite barriers

Physical termite barriers are used when you are building a new home or adding an extension to your home or business premises. Physical termite barriers are designed to stop termites entering the structure where they are installed and force termites out in the open where they can be detected. Physical termite barriers are a layer of chemically impregnated protective material that can be laid before your slab is poured and fitted around pipe penetrations and under frames to stop subterranean termites from entering your home.

This method can only be used prior to construction.

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