Termite inspections Central Coast are an essential part of protecting your home from termites. Regular inspections allow for termites damaging a building to be detected as soon as possible. As recommended in the Australian Standards; regular, competent inspections are strongly recommended – at least on an annual basis. Some properties may require more frequent inspections.

If your home is under attack by termites, you need someone you can rely on to quickly protect your home. At PestGuard Termite & Pest Control, our termite treatments are customised to your requirements.

As termite treatment specialists on the Central Coast, we provide highly reliable and effective treatments for complete peace of mind.

Need a long lasting solution to termites? Book a treatment with PestGuard Termite & Pest Control today. Call 0438 444 547.

Highly Effective Termite Treatment Central Coast

Our termite treatments are proven to get rid of termites from your property. Our termite specialists will recommend a solution that suits your house the best. Our treatment solutions include in-ground baiting, above ground baiting and chemical barrier treatments.

Our chemical solutions are completely safe and highly effective against termites. We have a proven track record of stopping termites from eating the timber in your property within hours, and the only result is sure death to the termites. The treatment will begin its effect from the moment it is applied and will eliminate termites as well as create a solid barrier for future attacks.

Termite Treatment Central Coast – Our Process

An expert technician will carry out a thorough inspection of your property to identify all active termite infestations. Our inspection ensures that all termites are detected. We will then carry out our complete eradication treatment to kill all live termites.

To protect your property against future termite attacks, we will install a long lasting termite protection system in place.

With years of experience in termite inspection and treatment, we ensure your property is free of any termites for years to come.

Become Termite Free

Contact PestGuard Termite & Pest Control and make your house termite free again.

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